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The Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a highly effective and profitable marketing strategy utilized by a wide range of
businesses of all sizes, products, and services to target both existing and potential consumers. This tactic allows companies to control who receives their messages, what information is sent out, when audiences receive the messages, and how much execution will cost.


Tailor Campaigns to Grab Attention and Fit Budget Restraints

These advertisements can be as big as a catalog or brochure, or as small as a coupon flyer or postcard. They can be highly detailed and informative or short and sweet, and sometimes even include a free sample of the product. Campaigns are highly customizable and can be tailor-made to suit the targeted consumer while simultaneously fitting into the allotted budget of the advertising business.

What We Do

Every Door Direct Mail

The easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near your business.

Post Office Delivery

Once completed, we deliver and verify your mailing before being processed by USPS.

Mail Preparation

Folding, inkjet addressing, inserting and more, most anything your project requires.

Mailing List Processing

Your data is processed to ensure proper USPS required presorting for direct mail.

Design a Cost-Effective Strategy
When is comes to the idea of direct mail advertisements in the data age, cost is typically a concern. However, campaigns can be cost effective. With various desktop photo editing applications available at the click of the mouse, companies can create attractive, eye-catching mailings without having to pay a professional designer to make one for them.


Once a suitable design has been made and a size has been settled on, thousands of copies can be affordably and conveniently printed at local print shops. To cut costs further, businesses can opt to print in grayscale rather than color. While color advertisements are highly popular and undoubtedly eye catching, a black and white ad can be just as powerful depending on the design. Designers can use varying degrees of gray, patterns, and contrast to grab the attention of potential customers.

Target Specific Demographics
It’s a highly controlled method of advertising, allowing you to hand-select who sees your message and when, making the campaign more likely to be read by interested parties. These warm leads can include previous customers, people who signed up for the mailing list, or even previous patrons of related businesses.


For businesses interested in targeting mass quantities of people, mailing lists with innumerable demographics are available for purchase. This ensures that the list of addresses you receive is a good list full of people proven to have exhibited some interest in products or services related to your business.

Garner Interest from the Convenience of a Customer's Home
Customers are normally weary of salespeople pushing products and services on them when they visit a storefront. By sending business advertisements directly to the customer’s home or business, they are more likely to receive these messages from a more comforting standpoint, which can thereby lead to more open-mindedness.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness
To measure how a given campaign performs, many businesses opt to perform a test run by mailing a limited number of mailings, typically in the 3,000 to 5,000 recipient range. If the campaign proves to be well-received and not wasted on people who will see it as junk mail, you can choose to send the campaign to an expanded list of potential clients.

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