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Los Angeles is full of diverse people with even more diverse careers and general interests, surrounded by an array of businesses, niche and otherwise, ready to cater to those needs. Very few businesses hold monopoly in any one market, making competition among businesses fierce. As businesses struggle to stay noticed in the marketplace, competition grows even fiercer in the digital age. With the introduction of online shopping, consumers are no longer limited to the areas they live in, and can make purchases from all of over the country, and sometimes even internationally.
But local business do that one important advantage: location. Americans, with Greater Los Angeles as no exception, have become accustomed to instant gratification, making online shopping not as ideal as previously thought. It’s pretty standard for shoppers to wait almost a week for their purchases to arrive. And people don’t always realize that the items they are looking to purchase can sometimes be found in their own back yard.


For this reason, it has become more important than ever for businesses to advertise directly to their targeted consumers. Direct mail marketing keeps your business at the front of people’s minds while simultaneously fostering loyalty.


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Immediacy is a Virtue
Many direct mail marketing campaigns utilize coupons and local specials to attract both old and potential customers. While this practice could be done online, businesses have the tendency to over-send emails, leading to the messages typically getting trapped in a potential customer’s spam folder and promptly deleted. It’s like the message wasn’t even sent.
Having already-printed coupons ready for recipients makes them more likely to use them, thus visiting your business and bringing their wallet with them. If a coupon is already in your hand, and you were thinking of buying something from that business, you’re more likely to clip it and save. Not to mention that added task of printing a coupon from an email is a chore many choose to forego.

Every Door Direct Mail

The easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near your business.

Post Office Delivery

Once completed, we deliver and verify your mailing before being processed by USPS.

Mail Preparation

Folding, inkjet addressing, inserting and more, most anything your project requires.

Mailing List Processing

Your data is processed to ensure proper USPS required presorting for direct mail.

A More Personal Practice
Evidence has surfaced of the difference using a recipient’s first name in direct mail vastly increases the chances of the mailing being opened. Perhaps this is due to how impersonal advertising methods have become. After all, most people would prefer a letter to an email if given the choice. And this more personal initial contact is crucial to facilitating a basis of familiarity with potential customers.

Brochures, Pamphlets, and Catalogs: Information is Power
Because a direct mail marketing campaign has the potential to be more detailed with mailings, including catalogs, pamphlets, and brochures, many business often choose to include thorough information about their products, sometimes with FAQ’s. For example, when it comes to specialized, niche markets, potential consumers want to know that they are receiving exactly what they need, and don’t necessarily have the time to comb a website or stay on hold with a business. By delivering more information to interested parties, the message is not wasted.
The formula for a successful direct mail marketing campaign is simple: You take potentially interested parties and include an interesting message. Who knows how many customers can be brought in for your business?

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